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The Pokémon RPG
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Hello, one and all! This is the website of the Pokémon RPG, the best online Pokémon RPG on the 'Net! I'm the Webmaster, 3hat941. Linkyboy, 4JC, and I are the main staff here, and also the admins at the Pokémon RPG board. Our mods are Mewtwo of New Island and SugarAddictAJM. To learn more about us, including how to contact us, go to the page entitled "The Staff". Of course, the real action takes place at the Pokémon RPG board. You'll need an EZBoards account first, so sign up at That's all!

ATTENTION!!! Please do not sign up for the RPG until we are ready! We're not quite prepared yet, so please hold on. Thank you.

Please Don't Sue Us
Here, I will give credit for any materials used on this site. Thanks to for the Poké Ball background used on this site. And thanks to ShortURL for our forwarder address. Also, because I'm feeling thankful today, I'd like to thank Trellix Web for the software I used to make this site. And, of course, big thanks go to Tripod for hosting this.

August 6, 2001
I just fixed some stuff that the other staff members said needed work. Like some of the text, adding this nifty update table, etc.
August 9, 2001
I added a link to They're providing our new forwarder address, It may not be functioning yet, though. We're working on it.
September 30, 2001
Whooboy! I haven't updated in a loooong time! Well, I've had a lot of schoolwork, and I've been busy with other stuff as well. Don't worry, I'll update more frequently from now on. I added our new mod, SugarAddictAJM, and did some other stuff. We're close to opening! ^_^
October 1, 2001
Well, a new month. I just added a little tribute to America at the top. God Bless America!!! =)
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