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The Staff/Contact Us
About Us, The *ahem* Beloved Staff
And now, ladies and gentlemen, and children of all ages, here's the moment you've all been waiting for! The once-in-a-lifetime chance to get to know us, the staff of The Pokémon RPG! *trumpet fanfare* *crickets chirp* Anyway, here you can find out a little more about the "beloved" members of the staff. In other words, this should be the lowest-hit page on the site. But enough with the silliness. Here's a short profile of each staff member. Oh, also, please don't send any questions or comments to our e-mail addresses; only personal correspondence. Send any questions or comments to


Positions: Head Honcho, Big Cheese, Chief Muckamuck, Big Kahuna, Fearless Leader, The Boss, chief board admin, founder, and all-around leader of The Pokémon RPG.

First of all, I'm a Jesus freak, like 3hat and 4JC. Second, I'm a Game Boy and Pokémon freak. I spend a lot of time at IGN and this site. I'm 13 and my real name is Matthew Valadez, but you can call me Linky. Most of my days are spent playin' Pokémon and GBA or on-line. You can contact me at
- Linkyboy, The Dodongo Bustin', Dragon Slayin' Hyrule Savin' Windfish Wakin' Hero Of Time


Positions: Graphics Designer, Jesus Freak, and board admin.

We think he may have ditched; we're trying to contact him, but don't be suprised if his name disappears...


Positions: Webmaster, Funny Guy, and board admin.

That's me! Now for some details. My real name is Christopher. I'm 13, and I live in Moreno Valley, California (it's next to Riverside, if you've never heard of it). I love video games, especially Pokémon (like you hadn't figured that out yet). I'm a Boy Scout, I love Jesus, and some of my hobbies (recreational activities, whatever) are reading, swimming, Web surfing, and collecting mostly useless junk (and playing video games, of course). My dad is a mechanical engineer, and my mom's an instructional assistant. You can e-mail me (and find me on MSN Messenger) at And now for some shameless advertising! Go to my website, Chris's EWorld, by clicking on the link! That's all!

MewTwo of New Island

Position: Helpful person and head board moderator.

Meh, My first name's Sarah and I'm sixteen years of age. I've lived in West Texas for most of those sixteen years. I have two dachshund dogs named Sadie and Tallulah. I enjoy Pokémon and other video games, especially RPGs. Oh! And Anime's good too. ^^;; My main thing though is writing fan fiction and drawing. There. That's probably more about me than you ever wanted to know. 0_o I'll shut up now. ^_~


Position: Board moderator.

Profile coming soon to a theater near you!

Of course, when other staff members sign up, I'll add them, too. If you'd like to be on the staff, be a good board citizen, don't get involved in evil things, and maybe we'll contact you. Good luck!