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Read This Before Signing Up
Please Read This Page Before Signing Up For The Pokémon RPG
Before you sign up for The Pokémon RPG, please read this page. It'll only take a moment of your time, and it is important. Thanks.

Note: These rules are still under development, and are not necessarily final.

Board Rules
No flaming, bashing, etc. allowed. Putting down other users, insulting them, or anything similar will not be tolerated. Also, long argument posts where personal attacks are going back and forth will be locked.

NO PROFANITY! We may let you get away with an occasional word, but repeated and/or excessive cussing is not acceptable.
No spamming. Pointless posting simply to raise your post total will not be tolerated. Self-promotion topics (i.e., "I GOT 1000 POSTS!!! WHO'S THE MAN?!") will not be allowed either. And, no two-word posts, please.

No discussions of an illegal, inappropriate, or sexual nature. Please keep the topics on the board "rated G", so to speak. This board isn't the proper place for these types of discussions; they belong somewhere else.

Absolutely no password stealing, user impersonating, hacking, or similar things. Use your own account, and please, no hacking into other people's accounts. This will be dealt with. And by the way, you can be fined up to $200 for hacking into an EZBoard. WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!!! >=)

Try to stay on-topic in your posts. Don't go to, say, the RPG battle forum and post a topic about the Pokémon Game Boy games, for example. Stay on topic when replying to a post, too.

Using another account if you are banned is not allowed. If you feel you should be unbanned, please send a request to, and it will be considered.

If you lose in an RPG battle, please don't raise a huge fuss about it, post topics accusing the other person of cheating, etc. If you feel someone cheated, send an e-mail to (the all-purpose e-mail address).

No party topics, chain letters, never-ending stories, product hyping, etc.

These rules are in addition to all of EZBoard's rules, as well as any applicable laws. They do not replace, overrule, counteract, or reverse any other rules, laws, or regulations. Please follow these rules, and enjoy your experience on the Pokémon RPG board.

RPG Procedures
Battles will be on the RPG battle forum, and only on the RPG battle forum. You may choose one of your Pokémon to battle one of your opponent's Pokémon. The battle lasts for 24 hours (this time will be shortened once we get more members). During that time, other board users (not the battlers) may vote on which Pokémon they believe will win. After 24 hours, the user who started the thread will lock it. The two battlers then tally up the votes, and both e-mail the battle results to Please remember that both battlers must e-mail the results in, or the battle will not count. Afterwards, unless told otherwise, they may add the Experience Points and Poké Bucks accordingly. Also, you may have a wild Pokémon battle, where you may battle a Pokémon randomly selected by an admin or mod. The Pokémon will be at the same level as the Pokémon you choose to battle with, and will be one of the starting Pokémon (our starters, not the ones in the Game Boy games) or an evolved form. All the same rules will apply to wild Pokémon battles.

Please wait: these procedures will be updated with more details soon.

Thank you for reading this page. Please note that by signing up for, and participating in, this RPG, you agree to these rules. Furthermore, you indemnify The Pokémon RPG, EZBoards, the other users of the board, and any other involved parties from any damages or liability in any cases of harm to yourself, your computer, etc. resulting from the use of this RPG. Thank you.

I AGREE                         I DISAGREE